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This is why I’m thin AND eat bacon

Fast Company’s design blog has a great infographic that illustrates why it’s carbs that are making America fat, not fat. Read the article and see the complete diagram here: Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?

It wasn’t until I grasped this concept several years ago that I was able to lose that stubborn 10lbs that wouldn’t leave my waist no matter how many miles I ran. Now, between eating a more “Paleo” diet and going gluten-free, my weight is easily managed in the range that I feel most comfortable. I also feel better overall with more energy on a low carb diet.

Of course, cutting out carbs completely is a terrible idea. Everyone needs some level of carbohydrates to make it through the day and athletes need an even greater amount. I personally shoot for about 50 grams a day, but there are days where I eat as little as 20 and as much as 100. I let me body tell me what it wants, HOWEVER… I always make sure it’s body talking and not my brain simply craving carbs for the fun it.

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